They'll never find you here.

To all of those who walk away, from a world not to their liking. Selfish? Indulgent? Perhaps. But if you dare to cast your starting-place aside, you may discover worlds they'll never see.

Just walk. Keep walking. If you are one of us, then this is where you will arrive.

Maybe you can see things, in the cracks and in the crevices. Go towards them. Nobody can see you. Nobody notices you. I wonder what this is? Such a shade of blue, if you look closely. A pebble becomes a cliff face if you look at it in a certain way. And who's to say it isn't? And your mind wanders elsewhere. If you trust it, let it come, calmly detach, then elsewhere is where you are.

It really is that easy. At least, it is for you.

This kind of courage is such a casual thing. So why was it so difficult, for so long? And why so easy and so natural now? Well, it is of no matter anymore.

Songs and Stories

The crystal knives
I left the one I love

Merle and her Starting-world

Comfort in Facelessness