I left the one I love
When he needed me the most.
He says he'll live; he's lived so long
But I know he's drifting, lost.
All it takes is one like me
Who loves him in the right way
As one loves a parent or home
He made me what I am.
I hate the ones who think they are
outside of him; above
They sneer at "sentiment" because
They don't know how to love.
But he's so much bigger than I am
The weight of centuries
He bears upon his shoulders
Just crushes ones like me.
It only takes the one of me
To help soothe his disease
But I'm part of him as he is me
So I'm brought down on my knees
As I feel it flowing through me.
Every day it sends me mad
I'm sorry, love. I promised you.
But I am being torn down.

I know it's not your illness to bear alone. They are the same as you. But can ones like you really ever be friends?
I don't want to think that I would leave you forever. It takes strength, this kind of love. A form of love that's been lost to the ages. I'm so much weaker than I want to be.