We all look the same here, though we are strange to each other. At times, terribly so. Often, from similar starting worlds, so more comfortingly familiar. But we have our own language of pictures, that evolves and shifts all the time, as new experience and dream is added.

It's a citadel of many wings. Of course, we all have our private spaces, private rooms and libraries. Then there are those shared by the ones from the same worlds or very similar. It moves out. Then, the Great Halls, shared by all of us.

Does it look the same to all of us? Well, that's like the old question. How do we know that everyone sees the same colours that we do? What I call red might be what you see as blue while calling it red also. The nature of this place is shaped, collectively, by all of us. But there's still a certain uniformity to it all, and that's the part that makes me wonder if I perceive what you all do. These windows and doors that I see, they are clearly dreams from my own world or similar, at their core.